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Suyian is the Maa name for the African Wild Dog, our rarest predator. Suyian Ranch covers 43,495 acres in northwest Laikipia. There are 7 thatched cottages. Guests to Suyian will be comfortably accommodated in simple cottages, built using local material; with views of Mt. Kenya and the natural salt lick under a dramatic rocky escarpment.

Safari style bucket showers are out under the stars; toilets are long drops to save water in this arid environment. All rooms have mosquito nets to prevent grass mosquito’s bothering guests; we do not have any malaria in our area yet.

The water in the bathrooms and in the showers comes from the Uaso Narok River, safe for washing. Drinking water is usually filtered rain or borehole water.




Anne Powys

Anne was born and raised on Suyian Ranch, an ethno botanist by experience with considerable knowledge of the traditional uses of plants. She has a long and deep association with the resident pastoral communities of this region.

With her grandfather as a forester and an upbringing filled with “plant safaris” it was hardly surprising that Anne would end up becoming devoted to the preservation of the flora in Laikipia with special emphasis on the remaining indigenous forests of Northern Kenya.

Anne is the artist and designer of Suyian Soul camp, which is unique in both concept and style. Anne will be your hostess throughout your stay at Suyian Soul.

“Protecting the environment is an obligation, not a choice.”


The Team

At Suyian we are a small team of eleven staff , all of whom have been trained here in camp to do their various jobs. Without this able team who mostly come from Laikipia, Meru and Tharaka we would not be able to give you the lasting experience we are aiming for.

Thanks to all the staff at Suyian Soul, we are able to run this exclusive bush camp. We are confident that the Suyian Soul team will look after all your needs during your stay with us.



Contact Details

Phone (Call/SMS): +254 (0)722 397 860
Postal Address: Suyian Soul,
P.O. Box 1449-10400, Nanyuki.
GPS: 0°29'33.63" N     36°48'57.39" E

Our Partners

Nature Kenya
Connecting nature and people

Suyian Trust
Bringing people together as a community to secure the integrity, and health of the ecosystem for all life forms

Suyian Ranch
Complimentary land use practices to secure the integrity and health of the ecosystem for all life