For people and conservation


Suyian Trust was set up in 2008 in order to raise funds more efficiently for people and conservation. As the Powys family we have been involved in community work for almost 100 years. Today’s pressure on our natural resources is more demanding than ever and we are unable to sustain and continue this work without inviting partners to join us.

Suyian Trust is actively involved in the following projects and areas in Laikipia West and Samburu North:

  • The restoration and preservation of Rumuruti Forest, promoting alternative income initiatives focusing on Bio-enterprise and Agro forestry projects
  • Supporting dryland farming projects and indigenous tree nurseries in Laikipia West
  • Supporting communities living adjacent to indigenous forests, with particular emphasis on CFA (Community Forest Association) development together with the Kenya Forest Service.
  • Suyian Trust is actively involved in working with the Kirisia Forest Association in Samburu District supporting: Forest scouts, communication and wildlife monitoring in the forest
  • Community livestock programs: cattle trading to encourage de-stocking to better preserve our fragile land scape
  • Wildlife monitoring on the ranch and into community land encouraging community participation in wildlife monitoring, this includes ranch employees in the monitoring and recording of wildlife sightings
  • Creating interest and awareness of threatened ecosystems in Laikipia West and Samburu North by meeting regularly with community elders
  • Connecting and facilitating health workers to pastoral people in remote areas; mobile clinics and government health officers
  • Supporting orphaned and underprivileged children through secondary education
  • Supporting sport for peace, unity and conservation in Laikipia West


Suyian Trust Goals

  • Education and the provision of advisory services on matters relating to the status, conservation and restoration of critical ecosystems and to the conservation of threatened indigenous forestsImproved security for the residents in Laikipia West
  • Outreach programmes for the cultivation of indigenous and exotic trees
  • Improvement in the quality of local livestock and in livestock trade and farming methods
  • Promoting local involvement and enterprise in the production of natural products and crafts that will encourage and enable rural people to better conserve indigenous fauna and flora
  • Encouragement of beekeeping in Laikipia and other sustainable use of natural resources
  • Provision of health services and health education
  • General support for the improvement of livelihoods in local communities




We welcome your support in any of our current projects, if you need detailed information about any one in particular please contact us for more information at:

All of the guests who have stayed at Suyian have made a positive impact on either one or more of the Suyian Trust activities just simply by visiting Suyian and staying in the camp.

Below is a wish list of projects we would like to start up:

Join us in the Suyian Trust activities it makes for an adventurous safari where you will experience wildlife, people and forests!



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Phone (Call/SMS): +254 (0)722 397 860
Postal Address: Suyian Soul,
P.O. Box 1449-10400, Nanyuki.
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