Desert Island escapes


We are not far away from some of the most beautiful dry Cedar/Olive forests which occur just North of Suyian in Samburu. These granitic hills rise out of the hot dry arid lands of the North, the hills are populated by very old forests which are relic vegetation from at least 3,000 years ago. Walking in these hills is a very different experience to being out in semi-arid Laikipia.  In these ancient forest one is covered in shade most of the time, with the odd view out across Laikipia or the north. The birdlife is unique on these “Desert Islands”  the bird species are mostly upland. There are some magnificent avenues of old Podocarpus trees.  Various species of wildlife, elephant, lion, buffalo, baboon, and smaller creatures like Civet cats, genet, porcupine and bush pig.

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